Our Services:

Cloud Contract Pricing Forensics

How do you know you’re getting the best possible price?

  • We perform a workload cost analysis during the performance of your contract(s).

  • You are provided monthly reports assessing the reasonableness of your invoiced infrastructure pricing.

  • Have confidence that you are getting the best possible prices - or have the newfound ability to actually do something about it!

IT Infrastructure Sourcing

Are you aware that there’s an exchange for this kind of stuff?

  • We perform a workload cost analysis to quantify your usage.

  • Leverage our unique market experience and expertise.

  • Execution Services; sourcing your infrastructure based on exact usage requirements through a competitive bid/ask process.

Cloud Pricing Advisor

Did you know there’s a better purchasing tactic available?

  • Conflict-free advice; working with you or your contract officials so you can negotiate the best possible contract and price.

  • We’re happy to negotiate on your behalf, be at the table with you, or coach you so you’re setup for long-term success.

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