Launch of Cloud Pricing Services LLC (09/25/18)

Cloud Pricing Services (CPS), the company delivering trusted and unbiased cloud pricing and analysis, announced a new Workload Cost Analysis product for CIOs and CFOs to quantify their IT budget waste, recover costs, and negotiate cloud pricing with confidence.


Traditionally, cloud service providers bill for their infrastructure based on the total amount of computing resources they supply (measured in time), as opposed to the total amount of computing resources an organization actually consumes (like electricity). On average though, organizations only consume a fraction of the total resources they’re being supplied (typically 10% or less), yet they are forced to pay for their entire allocation – including the unused portion.


CPS’s technology, known as the Cloud Gauge, monitors and measures the consumption of the underlying resources within a cloud environment. It works similar to how an electricity meter measures WATT consumption when appliances are powered on. The Cloud Gauge utilizes an algorithm to convert disparate usage metrics (Compute, Graphics, Storage, Network) into a standardized unit of measure, known as the Workload Consumption Unit (WCU), so an apples-to-apples cost comparison and benchmark can be made.


“A recent Stanford University study reported that 25% or more of all data center investments are tied up running idle IT workloads, generating zero return on investment. Meanwhile, cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure are making a killing because they bill their customers a fixed hourly price. It would be the equivalent of the electric company charging you for your air conditioning unit whether it was running or not,” said Cloud Pricing Services President, Tim Martin.


CPS’s Workload Cost Analysis is being offered as-a-service and includes an audit of an organization’s workload usage and costs. For organizations with large cloud deployments, the analysis will provide critical cloud pricing intelligence and empower negotiations from a newfound position of strength with their hosting provider(s).


In addition, CPS announced that the Workload Cost Analysis-as-a-Service is now available for Government customers on GSA IT Schedule 70 via an Authorized CPS Reseller.

About Cloud Pricing Services

Cloud Pricing Services LLC (CPS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carolina Cloud Exchange Inc. CPS delivers trusted and unbiased cloud pricing and analysis, so CIOS and CFOs can quantify their IT budget waste, recover costs, and negotiate with confidence. The company provides ‘Made in USA’ patent-pending software that measures high-performance computing resource usage.