We’re revolutionizing the way organizations consume high-performance cloud computing (HPC) infrastructure.



We’ve Entered a New Era…

Widespread adoption of Software Automation and Portability services (such as Kubernetes, Docker, Chef and Puppet) enable workloads to run completely independent of the underlying server hardware. Developers can now easily automate workloads to take advantage of better pricing from AWS competitors and migrate to servers in close proximity to deliver their company BIG savings.



Cloud Exchange Features:


It’s all about your workload.

Scientific Research / Health Care

  • Lower costs for your peak requirements.

  • Wholesale, utilization-based pricing for large compute-intensive research projects.

  • Multiple providers compete to sell you their excess HPC processing power.

AI / Machine & Deep Learning

  • Short-term supplier agreements to avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Better performance and control than virtual cloud platforms.

  • Move your software to the lowest cost provider.

Edge / Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Price discovery for low-latency workloads;

    • Autonomous vehicles

    • Streaming videos and games

    • Industrial machines and Robotics

  • Monetize excess capacity during off-peak time.

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